The Disturbing Puzzle Game That Nobody Can Solve

On July 10th, 2014, a small, mysterious game called "Do Not Believe His Lies" was uploaded to the iOS app store. Since then, over 40,000 people have downloaded the app. Nobody has beaten it. Hell, nobody quite knows what it is, either. » 3/14/15 3:17pm 3/14/15 3:17pm

Then, the game throws you its first riddle: The first puzzle stumped me for a…

SimCity Purists Are Understandably Upset About The Newest SimCity

The new SimCity game for iOS and Android may have a four-star user-review rating on the iTunes app store, but a glance at those reviews—and some time playing the game—make it clear that this city's got some problems. » 12/26/14 6:56pm 12/26/14 6:56pm

There's Not Much To Love About The Latest Marvel Game

Poor Juggernaut. All he wants to do is roar his triumph to the heavens, yet his mouth remains closed. It's a fitting allegory for the frustration I feel over Marvel Contest of Champions, a game that could have been so much more than what it is. » 12/13/14 3:23pm 12/13/14 3:23pm

Nevermind Unicron, Angry Birds Transformers Is Coming

Autobirds wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of the Deceptihogs. It's not bad comedy — Rovio and Hasbro have combined forces to form Angry Birds Transformers. » 6/16/14 10:00am 6/16/14 10:00am

For A More Comic-Accurate X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Play The Game

A Game You'd Go To The Ends of the Earth To Play

On December 4, when you were doing whatever you were doing, a gamer who goes by the name of Artio was apparently chartering a plane to fly her to a remote town in Alaska. Why? So she could make a particularly powerful move in the video game Ingress. » 12/05/13 5:27pm 12/05/13 5:27pm

Tour The Too-Cute-To-Blow-Up Tiny Death Star

NimbleBit, Disney and LucasArts are about to unleash the ultimate weapon on our unsuspecting planet — Tiny Tower, only set on Star Wars' Death Star. Disguising myself as an Australian, I infiltrated the adorable Imperial base, hoping to save my people from destruction. Is there no hope left? » 10/16/13 5:48pm 10/16/13 5:48pm

The 12 Best Games on the iPhone


You've got yourself an iPhone and you want to play some games on it. You might not want to just plunge into the App Store—it's a jungle, full of deadly spiders, wild animals, and bad games. Here, let us help you. » 9/20/13 5:05pm 9/20/13 5:05pm

Angry Birds Star Wars II Could Have Been A Great Shameless Cash-Grab

Making a mobile game crossover is easy. Just take your popular game and re-skin it to resemble whichever pop culture phenomenon will rake in the most cash. This is twice now Angry Birds developer Rovio has screwed up that simple formula. It's probably because they're Finnish. » 9/18/13 1:55pm 9/18/13 1:55pm

Shadowrun Returns Is The Start Of Endless Amazing Adventures

Shadowrun Returns is not simply a PC game based on the popular pen-and-paper cyberpunk-meets-magic role-playing game. It's a digital sourcebook geared at harnessing the imagination of thousands of fans in order to power the creation of an entire universe of interactive adventures. » 7/26/13 3:54pm 7/26/13 3:54pm

Man Of Steel Is Not A Bad Game. Just A Bad Superman Game.

If Phosphor Games Man of Steel featured some generic superhero character — if I weren't meant to be stepping into the red boots of a comic book icon with three-quarters of a century of history — I would probably love it. » 6/14/13 3:25pm 6/14/13 3:25pm