Not Even Adding A Cape Could Make These "Retro" DC Toys Better

Frequent Toybox readers will probably have surmised at this point that a good cape on an action figure can make me interested. Mainly because I enjoy the simple things in life, but also because nothing beats a lovely, swooshy cape. Alas, not even a cape can make me become a fan of these DC retro figures. »5/14/15 3:41pm5/14/15 3:41pm

Kotobukiya Are Turning The Hulkbuster V. Hulk Brawl Into Amazing Statues

Age of Ultron really, really wants you to know that the Hulkbuster is awesome, judging by the amount of toys and merchandise it's racking up ahead of the film's release. But honestly, if it means we get something as cool looking as this set of statues, I'm not going to complain. Bring on the Hulkbusting! »2/06/15 10:40am2/06/15 10:40am