Kristen Kreuk's New Street Fighter Clips Remind Us Sweet Can't Saveā€¦

Newly released clips from the Street Fighter DVD show how you make a so-bad-it's-good-movie. Transformers 2 could stand to learn a thing or two from these sequences showing Kristen Kreuk zipping around in her wire harness and delivering justice-filled one-liners. » 6/29/09 1:32pm 6/29/09 1:32pm

Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun-Li Poster Is "Nice"

Sheesh, the new Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li doesn't want to use the movie's greatest asset, Kristen Kreuk. The new heads-in-bodies poster leaves much to be desired. Come on, where's the leg? » 1/05/09 2:50pm 1/05/09 2:50pm