Russia's flesh-eating drug Krokodil actually has origins in America

Having spent the last decade wreaking havoc in Russia, Krokodil – the cheap, addictive, heroin-like opioid (that also happens to eat your flesh) – has made landfall in the U.S. According to reports from Arizona's Banner Poison Control Center, two recently documented cases of the drug's use are believed to be the first… »9/27/13 12:47pm9/27/13 12:47pm

10 Ways Of Getting High That Are (Slightly) More Pleasant Than Krokodil

Yesterday we discussed the horrors of the Russian drug krokodil. This flesh-eating heroin-like substance may seem like the most nightmarish of all nightmares, but there are plenty of other toxic (and just plain grody) substances out there, ready to be consumed for no good reason. Here are 10 more intoxicating things… »11/16/11 1:30pm11/16/11 1:30pm

Krokodil: Russia's Designer Drug That Will Eat Your Flesh

It sounds like a direct-to-Netflix horror movie plot — a cheap, addictive drug available in a foreign land, that turns the user's skin a scaly green color. Soon it rots the flesh, causing the user's skin to emulate that of a crocodile, leaving bone and muscle tissue exposed to the world. But the Russian drug known as… »11/15/11 3:00pm11/15/11 3:00pm