Everything You Never Knew About The Making Of Escape From New York

How did Escape From New York become one of the greatest cult movies of all time? It was sheer luck that this film even got made — and a similar amount of luck was involved in Kurt Russell surviving the filming. Here are all the weirdest secrets, and wildest adventures, from the making of John Carpenter's classic film. »5/28/14 11:27am5/28/14 11:27am

Quite Possibly the Most Uncomfortable "Coming Out" Scene from Any Superhero Film Ever

Okay, so the "Have you tried not being a mutant" scene from X-Men 2 was pretty squirm-inducing (in a good way). But when it comes to uncomfortable "coming out" scenes in superhero movies, you can't really beat this moment from Disney's Sky High. In which the dad — Kurt Russell! — gets so pissed he practically… »8/12/11 5:30pm8/12/11 5:30pm