A Total Recall remake from the director of Underworld and Live Free Or…

Nobody thinks a Total Recall remake is a good idea, but it's still happening. And now it's been announced that Underworld director Len Wiseman is in final talks to direct, from a script by Equilibrium/Ultraviolet director Kurt Wimmer. This will be a new "contemporized" adaptation. The press release quotes Wiseman: » 7/29/10 11:36am 7/29/10 11:36am

Ultraviolet Goes Noir In Anime Remake

Can an animated reboot make sense of Kurt Wimmer's Ultraviolet, two years later? Wimmer's visually stunning vampire-plague movie, set in a future dystopia where everything is always color-coordinated, became a confusing mess at least partly due to studio interference. And now acclaimed anime director Osamu Dezaki (Aim… » 4/10/08 6:30am 4/10/08 6:30am