10 Weird TV Show Ideas That The Networks Keep Trying Over And Over

Just like with movies, you sometimes see a few television shows about the same idea come down the pike. Recently, we had two "supernatural child" shows (Touch and Believe), and a handful of supernatural medical shows. But here are 10 TV show ideas that keep coming back again and again. »9/12/14 1:06pm9/12/14 1:06pm

Did Continuum seriously just call out Looper for sloppy time travel?

That's sure what it looks like, in this highly amusing clip from last night's episode. And to be fair, there are some flaws in Looper's time travel rules — but the same could be said of Continuum, from what we've seen thus far. And yet, like Looper, Continuum is rapidly becoming one of the great time-travel stories. »7/13/13 1:00pm7/13/13 1:00pm

Terra Nova: Our brains can't withstand these levels of boredom!

Last night on Terra Nova, we really delved into what's going on with the Shannon family. Jim Shannon and his wife Elizabeth are still having problems readjusting to being together after two years apart, and Jim is having PTSD from his time in the harshest prison in the future. Meanwhile, Zoe Shannon is having… »11/15/11 5:46pm11/15/11 5:46pm