Trippy First Trailer for Kylie Minogue's Reality-Warping New Movie

Australian pop diva and former soap star Kylie Minogue has already guest-starred on Doctor Who — and now she's appearing in a French movie about a man who lives multiple parallel lives. (And sometimes, he turns into a monster and kidnaps Eva Mendes.) Holy Motors just premiered at Cannes, and here is the demented… » 5/24/12 9:40am 5/24/12 9:40am

The Three Laws Of Music-Video Robotics

Musicians are bold, forward-thinking weirdos who repeat the same tasks over and over again, so it totally makes sense that they'd be into robots. Plus, what other type of person could make it cool to dance with robots — or even dance like robots? Here's our collection of some of the greatest robot-themed music… » 4/29/08 3:30pm 4/29/08 3:30pm

Cyborg Pride Is Too Much For Evil Angels

The coolest moment in last night's Doctor Who Christmas special is when the robot angels use their Christmassy flying powers and razor-sharp halos to attack our heroes. The little red guy, Bannakaffalatta, finally overcomes his shame about being a cyborg in a society that hates cyborgs and won't let them marry.… » 12/26/07 12:00pm 12/26/07 12:00pm

Doctor Who Says Bigger Is Better

The BBC will be attempting to prove that bigger is better when the Doctor Who Christmas Special, also known cheerfully as "Voyage of the Damned" airs on Christmas Day this year. It'll run longer than the previous Christmas episodes, and has an hour long documentary tacked onto the end of it. All in all, that's 131… » 12/04/07 3:15pm 12/04/07 3:15pm

Doctor Who Stunt Casting: A Report Card

Kylie Minogue's star turn on Doctor Who, and the return of overexposed Billie Piper, may seem like signs that Doctor Who has finally gone cameo-crazy. But really, stunt casting has a long and trashy tradition in Doctor Who. Sometimes, it's even made the show more watchable. Here's a quick chronology of the show's… » 11/28/07 12:00pm 11/28/07 12:00pm

Has "Doctor Who" Become "Dancing With the Stars"?

It's official: Billie Piper is back on Doctor Who next year, in a needless ratings grab. And the BBC also released more details about her fellow pop star Kylie Minogue's appearance in the Christmas special. Kylie plays Astrid, a waitress on the Titanic, which crashed into the Doctor's time ship at the end of the… » 11/28/07 6:30am 11/28/07 6:30am