Next Month You Could Own Part Of Laika's Gorgeous Movies

Part of the appeal of Laika's stable of films is their fantastic hand-made aesthetics. They're all stylistically interesting, but the commitment to traditional stop-motion animation is what makes them so great - and also means that next month you could own a little bit of Coraline, Paranorman or Boxtrolls! »1/09/15 12:28am1/09/15 12:28am


Proof That Boxtrolls Will Be One Of The Year's Most Striking Movies

Laika's next stop-motion venture, The Boxtrolls, is bringing a lush world of crooked buildings, lavish costumes, cheese-fiending villains, and, of course, the Boxtrolls themselves with their elaborate mechanical inventions. We visited the set, and if you have any doubts about the movie's glorious puppets, props, and… »7/09/14 6:30pm7/09/14 6:30pm

Bittersweet animated short imagines a different end to Laika's journey

As a dog lover, the tale of Laika always fills me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, she represents a great step forward in space exploration. On the other, she was sent into space with no plans for how she might return. In Avgousta Zourelidi short animated film, however, Laika is a dog who ultimately understands… »12/16/12 1:00pm12/16/12 1:00pm

Dog space suits for the earliest canine cosmonauts

Even before Laika set paw in Sputnik 2, Soviet researchers sent dogs into higher altitudes than any canine creature had traveled before. To help keep those dogs safe—and to test the equipment that would allow humans to eventually reach orbit—these scientists created high pressure suits, complete with helmets fitted to… »11/10/12 12:30pm11/10/12 12:30pm

ParaNorman is a perfect date movie for former high school outcasts

ParaNorman, opening today, is one of the most thematically tight movies I've ever seen. Pretty much everything in the movie relates back, one way or another, to the central theme of being a misfit in a judgmental, self-involved world. The story of a boy who can see and hear ghosts, ParaNorman has a huge heart and an… »8/17/12 12:00pm8/17/12 12:00pm

Stop-motion zombie flick ParaNorman combines John Hughes and John Carpenter

Coraline animators Laika are returning to the world of stop-motion horror with ParaNorman, a film that blends cartoon zombies with '80s-style coming of age comedy. The creators and actors held a panel today at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the movie's influences, and why this movie will look like no other… »7/13/12 3:34pm7/13/12 3:34pm

Laika's ParaNorman video reveals how to make a boy who sees ghosts from scratch

Laika, makers of Coraline and the upcoming ParaNorman, gives us a peek inside their stop-motion animation process with this fun little "making-of" featurette. Here, we get to see how one of those stop-motion figurines is made, starting from the jointed skeleton, through the molded body and the sewn-on clothes. »7/01/12 12:30pm7/01/12 12:30pm

Gorgeously gruesome trailer for ParaNorman unleashes a horde of stop-motion zombies

We're exceptionally giddy over the release of the trailer for ParaNorman. It's from the makers of Coraline, which elevated the children's genre with stunning art and solid, real scares. ParaNorman is all about a special boy with the ability to talk to the dead. Check out the first ever trailer, and get into the… »10/28/11 3:38pm10/28/11 3:38pm

An alternate history where Laika the cosmonaut dog comes home

Back in 2007, Nick Abadzis wrote a graphic novel called Laika, about the eponymous Soviet dog who went bravely into space, proved that living creatures could survive there, and never came home. He says that the story was so sad that over the years, people have written to him over and over asking for another ending to… »7/11/11 9:30am7/11/11 9:30am