Russian scientists admit no new life form found in Antarctic lake

Well, we thought it might be too good to be true. Late last week, Russian scientists claimed to have found "unclassified life" in Lake Vostok, an ancient body of water deep under the Antarctic ice sheet. But now, a Russian scientist working at the same institute has dismissed this pronouncement, instead saying the… »3/11/13 9:30am3/11/13 9:30am

Russian scientists say they've found 'unclassified life' in Antarctic Lake

For the past several weeks we've been anxiously awaiting news from the Russian research team that recently drilled into Lake Vostok, a massive body of water that's located about 2 miles below the Antarctic surface — and possibly cut off from the world for millions of years. Now, according to Russian news site RIA… »3/08/13 5:34pm3/08/13 5:34pm

Russian scientists prepare to explore the most alien lake on Earth

Buried over two miles beneath the East Antarctic Ice sheet lurks Lake Vostok — an isolated body of subglacial water, removed from the rest of the world for more than twenty million years. Now, Russian researchers are just a few meters of ice away from entering an environment unlike any we've ever seen... at least, not… »2/02/12 5:38pm2/02/12 5:38pm