Androids, Comics, and Ghost Prostitutes: A Conversation With The Legendary Lance Henriksen

Throughout his career, Lance Henriksen has played everything from curious androids to paranormally powered FBI agents. But with his upcoming comic book To Hell You Ride, the actor gets to spin a Weird Western horror yarn that's been haunting him for decades. (Also, what did Bishop himself think of Prometheus?) »10/02/12 2:20pm10/02/12 2:20pm

In the Gemini Rising trailer, Lance Henriksen goes back to what he does best — fighting aliens

The first trailer for Lance Henriksen's new movie Gemini Rising is out, and it really wants you to remember that Henriksen was a part of the Alien franchise. And rip-off Prometheus trailer music aside, this movie looks to be a ton of alien-killing fun. Plus, we'd follow Mr. Henriksen off a cliff we love him so hard.… »9/17/12 10:40am9/17/12 10:40am

Lance Henriksen And C. Thomas Howell Join Kevin Sorbo In The Illuminati Saga

Bishop, Hercules and Pony Boy all in one movie — am I drunk? The trio are joining the ancient-secret-society movie, Illuminati »11/12/08 11:00am11/12/08 11:00am. Sorbo plays the club's assassin who wants to quit his day job and start using his keen killing skills for good. Henriksen plays a high ranking member of the Illuminati, and Howell's character…