James Cameron Talks Avatar, Plus Your First Look At Dakota Fanning In New Moon

Spoilers are controversial: Peter David backpedaled on his spoiler-phobic posture, and a Heroes scribe is in trouble for Twittering a script pic. But James Cameron's allowed to describe Avatar, Shia LaBoeuf can hype Transformers, and Will Ferrell can spoil Land Of The Lost. Plus New Moon, Supernatural and True Blood. »6/02/09 9:00am6/02/09 9:00am

Explosive Transformers 2 Pics! Doctor Who Companion Shocker! Ghostbusters 3 Scoopage! Lost's Ending!x

We survived three whole spoiler-free days! To make it up to you, there are Transformers 2 videos, plus Dan Aykroyd explains about Ghostbusters 3. Doctor Who's David Tennant may attend a shocking ceremony. There's a Land Of The Lost clip. Plus: Looper, Gamer, Lost, V, Twilight, Heroes and True Blood. »5/26/09 9:00am5/26/09 9:00am