Lawyers, Accountants Still Watching The Watchmen

Next month will see a mediation between Warner Bros. and producer Larry Gordon. The issue to be settled? Just how much Watchmen's legal troubles will cost both parties... and who will be paying Fox. » 4/22/09 7:30am 4/22/09 7:30am

Meet The Man Who Wants Watchmen To Succeed... And Fail

One of the strangest outcomes of the lawsuit surrounding the movie rights to Watchmen is that producer Larry Gordon stands to profit - and lose - big if the movie's a huge success. Here's why. » 2/26/09 3:30pm 2/26/09 3:30pm

We've Found One Commando For Robert Rodriguez's Predator Reboot

We had a lot of concern about a possible Robert Rodriguez Predator reboot. Even the original producer, Larry Gordon, shared our casting doubts - but we've found a perfect actor who's ready and willing. » 2/20/09 7:00am 2/20/09 7:00am

Watchmen Settlement Reached

Fox and Warners have reached a settlement in their lawsuit over the rights to the Watchmen movie, but exactly what that settlement actually is is remaining a secret... for now, at least. » 1/15/09 6:45pm 1/15/09 6:45pm