The Last Exorcism Part II is a gruesome demon-meets-girl love story

Don't be fooled by the trailers for The Last Exorcism Part II, the sequel to our beloved faux-documentary indie hit. This isn't really a horror movie; The Last Exorcism: Part II is actually a sad story about a devoted demon who loves its innocent victim so deeply the creature would exhaust all of its supernatural… »3/02/13 4:00pm3/02/13 4:00pm


What bone-twisting horrors happened to Nell after The Last Exorcism?

We adored the innocent girl Nell and her twisted spine that contorted whenever her sweet little soul was possessed by an evil being from hell. And while The Last Exorcism might have been the end to Cotton Marcus and his film crew, Eli Roth has new plans for Nell in his sequel. We caught up with with the newly… »2/28/13 11:31am2/28/13 11:31am