The Shining Girls is one of the best serial killer tales ever written

Lauren Beukes won critical acclaim for her first two novels, Zoo City and Moxyland, both of which were urban fantasies set in her native South Africa. Now she's set her imagination loose on a different continent, to explore the inner life of a serial killer in Chicago who figures out how to travel through time. The… »5/17/13 6:58pm5/17/13 6:58pm

Charles Yu, Lauren Beukes and Cherie Priest on the Challenges and Thrills of Filming Their Books

It's been an exciting time for anybody who wants to see Hollywood adapting some more adventurous source material. Acclaimed books by Charles Yu, Lauren Beukes and Cherie Priest have all gotten movie deals recently. Jeff VanderMeer has a great roundup of how all three authors have responded to the news — including… »12/29/11 9:30am12/29/11 9:30am