How Police Body Cameras Were Designed to Get Cops Off the Hook

In the wake of protests over police violence against black men, many civil rights activists are calling for a high-tech solution: strapping wearable body cameras to cops. The idea is to hold police accountable for unnecessary violence. But the history of police body cams reveals that the devices have often had the… » 3/16/15 2:48pm 3/16/15 2:48pm

Are Lone-Wolf Terrorists Really a Big Threat?

The recent attacks in Canada have raised concerns about lone-wolf terrorists who operate without orders from groups abroad. Members of Congress say it's a "huge" threat that require pre-emptives measures. But experts say lone-wolf attackers are a rare phenomenon, and efforts to stop them are a waste of time and money. » 10/27/14 12:00pm 10/27/14 12:00pm

Snowshoes For Texas? The Most Bizarre Things The Pentagon Gave Police

Using data obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, Government Executive magazine looked at the type and cost of equipment that police departments received from the Defense Department since 2006. If you think the items couldn't be crazier than what you've read about already, think again. » 8/22/14 6:20am 8/22/14 6:20am

We Don't Know How Many Americans Are Killed Each Year By The Police

The recent fatal shooting of a black teenager by a police officer in Missouri has prompted media inquiries into the number of people killed by police each year. The FBI says there are around 400 "justifiable police homicides" annually. But a statistical analysis says that figure is likely understated. » 8/20/14 7:40am 8/20/14 7:40am

An armed robber caught by facial recognition software has been handed a 22 year jail sentence. His image was captured by Chicago Transit surveillance cameras, and compared to a database of 4.5 million criminal booking images. Biosignatures are increasingly being used by law enforcement. » 6/10/14 2:40pm 6/10/14 2:40pm

Was This The First Robot Ever Arrested?

On August 18, 1982 the Beverly Hills Police Department took a rather unusual perp into custody: a robot called DC-2. The crime? Illegally distributing business cards and generally causing a commotion on North Beverly Drive. It was probably the first time a robot had ever been arrested. » 2/18/14 12:47pm 2/18/14 12:47pm

Does it make you feel safer to know the NYPD will have Google Glass?

The NYPD is getting Google Glasses — for a test run, at least. And it could just be the first police department of many. Does this make you feel safer? » 2/06/14 7:33am 2/06/14 7:33am

Are chronic allergy sufferers in danger of being arrested for making…

To combat the rampant manufacture of meth, Iowa passed a bill in 2005 making it one of the first states to place pseudoephedrine behind the counter at pharmacies and placing limits on how much of the drug individuals could purchase. And, in 2010, Iowa joined the national database to track the purchase of… » 2/16/13 10:30am 2/16/13 10:30am

How the Police Get Your Phone Records

Every time I receive a call, my cell carrier takes note of the incoming telephone number, the time, date and duration of the conversation, and—because the call is sent through a network of cell towers—my location. As it turns out… [ Gizmodo » 4/26/11 1:00pm 4/26/11 1:00pm]

Japan's police mascots include robots and sentient grains of rice

Japan has 47 versions of McGruff the Crime Dog, and they range from sentient dinosaurs to miniature swan people right out of Gatchaman to manimal twins who hate drunk driving. » 10/20/10 10:00am 10/20/10 10:00am