Who Was Guilty of Misconduct During Gaius Baltar's Trial?

There's a lot absurd about Battlestar Galactica's trial of Gaius Baltar. And, yes, that was part of the point. But there was serious misconduct going on, and it shall not go unpunished. » 5/30/14 12:00am 5/30/14 12:00am

Battlestar Galactica cufflinks are the perfect addition to your…

We all love cosplay — but sometimes circumstances require us to express admiration of our favorite fictional characters in more understated ways. (I don't care how casual your work's Casual Fridays are, chances are you're not getting away with wearing any of these at the office.) » 6/13/12 10:20am 6/13/12 10:20am

Everyone Hates Lee Adama

I've been saying this for months: Lee Adama is by far the shallowest character on Battlestar Galactica » 10/24/08 2:19pm 10/24/08 2:19pm that we've been tricked into liking, partially because of his sexy man-brow and ability to look hot while beating up girls. But now, has fingered Lee Adama along with Squidward Tentacles, McDreamy and Lauren Conrad…

Spoilers For Battlestar Season Four: Starbuck's Wild Jail Break

Is Starbuck a Cylon? More importantly, will she really handcuff Lee Adama to the bed while they, um, process their on-again, off-again relationship? The Starbuck/Apollo Shippers Anonymous group has Battlestar Galactica spoilers. » 11/15/07 8:01am 11/15/07 8:01am