Extant Ditches Most Of Its Supporting Cast For Season 2

The CBS "astronaut with a robot son gives birth to an alien" show Extant is getting a major shakeup for its second season, following in the footsteps of HBO's The Leftovers. Two characters are gone, and two major characters are only appearing at the start of the season, and then vanishing. Spoilers ahead... » 12/24/14 11:40am 12/24/14 11:40am

The Leftovers Will Be a Very Different Show in Season 2

This is an interesting move: a soft reboot for a show being done in for the second season. To fix what are presumably problems that worry the studio and/or the executive producers, season two of The Leftovers is going to have a new location and a lot of new cast members, basically keeping the premise and starting… » 12/08/14 4:30am 12/08/14 4:30am

The 10 Types of Fictional Apocalypses (And What They Mean)

The Apocalypse rules pop culture. Half the biggest literary novels these days are apocalyptic, and meanwhile The Walking Dead is a huge hit. Post-apocalyptic stories are what space opera was in the Space Age. But what are they about? Here are 10 types of apocalypses, and what they each signify. » 10/07/14 10:05am 10/07/14 10:05am

The Leftovers Season Finale Was Sick, Brutal, And Highly Satisfying

Well, then. After a slowly burning season, The Leftovers exploded, throwing Mapleton into complete chaos while reshuffling its disparate characters. But where will all these changes really leave the Garvey family? » 9/08/14 1:20pm 9/08/14 1:20pm

This Week's TV: Psychological Tests Judge Who Gets Earth's Only Embryos

The summer TV season is winding down with The Leftovers season finale, while The Lottery subjects its embryo-seeking finalists to psychological interviews. Outlander approaches a major moment in Scottish history and Doctor Who visits Sherwood Forest—and Robin Hood. Get all the details below! » 9/01/14 9:00am 9/01/14 9:00am

Even Before The Rapture, No One On The Leftovers Was Particularly Happy

This week, The Leftovers flashed back to the time just before the Sudden Departure, and showed us what was going on with our characters just before two percent of the population disappeared. It turns out that there was still already of desperation going around. » 8/25/14 1:20pm 8/25/14 1:20pm

Why Is A Major Batman Villain Going To Be Arrow's New Big Bad?

Ant-Man gets tons of new cast members, including plenty of familiar names. The reasons behind a major Batman villain's role as Arrow's new big bad are explained. Plus, the new Vampire Lestat movie might be circling a director and the titles of this season's Doctor Who episodes have been revealed. Spoilers now! » 8/19/14 6:00am 8/19/14 6:00am

The Leftovers Reveals The True Purpose Behind Its Most Interesting Cult

The Leftovers has been very coy for most of its first season, but big revelations came tumbling out of last night's episode. The usually plot-light show made some major changes to the status quo while finally revealing the purpose behind the mysterious Guilty Remnant. » 8/18/14 1:20pm 8/18/14 1:20pm

This Week's TV: A Doctor Who Alum Stars In The Year's Weirdest New Show

This week is all about endings and beginnings. Peter Capaldi begins his tenure as the curmudgeonly new Doctor on Doctor Who while True Blood meets its true death. And amidst the season finales of Korra and The Last Ship, we get two oddball premieres: Bojack Horseman and the profoundly strange Intruders. » 8/18/14 9:00am 8/18/14 9:00am

How Weird Is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Going to Be?

Ben Affleck opens up about the reaction to his Batman. Jessica Alba discusses how her own personal growth affected her character in Sin City 2. Changes are coming to Oliver's Arrow costume. And news about the return of Doctor Who's most famous foes. Spoilers now! » 8/15/14 6:00am 8/15/14 6:00am

What Is Lex Luthor's Evil Scheme in Batman v. Superman?

Does a deleted scene from Captain America 2 reveal plans for a Black Widow prequel film? A long-awaited love scene is coming to True Blood. Sleepy Hollow casts its succubus and Abbie's mother. Arrow reveals details of its 50th episode. Plus, new footage from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and The Maze Runner. Spoilers… » 8/14/14 6:00am 8/14/14 6:00am

The Craziest Thing You Can Do On The Leftovers Is Try To Stay Sane

This week, our put-upon police chief Kevin Garvey is dealing with the usual problems: the Guilty Remnant, the mad dogs, his surly daughter. But his biggest problem is his father, who wants to draw him into the more supernatural aspects of the post-Departure world. And maybe Kevin should stop resisting. » 8/11/14 1:20pm 8/11/14 1:20pm

This Week's TV: Adventure Time Reveals Finn And Jake's Parents' Past

This week, Discovery hosts its celebration of all things shark, but which specials are worth watching? We've got you covered. Plus, we're nearing the end of True Blood; mini golf gets serious on Gravity Falls, and we get to see the mystery-solving past of Finn and Jake's parents on Adventure Time. » 8/11/14 9:00am 8/11/14 9:00am

The New Season Of Doctor Who Will Have Way Less Serialized Storytelling

Steven Moffat goes into more detail about how Doctor Who will address Peter Capaldi's previous appearances. The Under the Dome cast talks about the "penetrable" Dome. And previews of True Bloodand this Fall's CW shows. Plus, which actor is all set to return for Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Spoilers now! » 8/05/14 6:00am 8/05/14 6:00am

The Leftovers Asks, "What Happens When Grief Becomes An Identity?"

The Leftovers really is at its best when it focuses in on a single story. Last night, it sent Nora, the show's strongest character, to a Departed industry conference and explored how identity and grief can sometimes get wrapped together. » 8/04/14 10:50am 8/04/14 10:50am

This Week's TV: A Time-Travel Romance Is This Summer's Must-Watch Show

Battlestar Galactica producer Ronald D. Moore returns to television this week with his adaptation of the hit Outlander novels—and you won't want to miss it. Plus, True Blood goes on a drug-fueled search for a dead character, Teen Wolf deals with a mysterious outbreak, and someone is targeting the Candy Kingdom elite… » 8/04/14 9:00am 8/04/14 9:00am

Are There Star Wars and Avengers Characters We Don't Know About Yet?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zack Snyder both add to Star Wars speculation, while Joss Whedon teases a character for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, details about the cast of characters populating American Horror Story: Freakshow. Get a look at concept art for Sleepy Hollow's villains. And USA picks up a show set in… » 7/29/14 6:00am 7/29/14 6:00am

Last Night's Leftovers Was More Brutal Than Anything On Game Of Thrones

Stylized violence is everywhere on television lately, but true to its form as the most dismal show on television, The Leftovers started last night with a hate crime so brutal, we had trouble watching it. And naturally, the aftermath is thoroughly bleak. » 7/28/14 1:20pm 7/28/14 1:20pm

This Week's TV: It's Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda Vs. A Second Sharknado!

While the world prepares for the onslaught of a second Sharknado movie, Conan O'Brien is about to die at the tentacles of a new Sharktopus. Plus, Gravity Falls is back for more paranormal hijinks and The Strain gets its hands bloody with a vampire autopsy. See all the details below! » 7/28/14 9:00am 7/28/14 9:00am

Did A Game of Thrones Actor Just Confirm A Major Fan Theory?

When does the long-awaited solo Hulk movie come out, and will we ever see a Namor movie? Could Anthony Hopkins star in Westworld? We finally know what games will be in Pixels. Plus, check out a fantastic Jurassic World poster, and tons of Sleepy Hollow bombshells. Spoilers now! » 7/22/14 6:00am 7/22/14 6:00am