Debunking this week's hottest pot myths point-by-point

Earlier this week, heavyweight columnists David Brooks and Ruth Marcus weighed in on the debate over the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Armed with reason and findings from several studies, Time's Maia Szalavitz has served up a refreshing piece of debunkery that tackles their misinformed contentions… » 1/05/14 3:00pm 1/05/14 3:00pm

Legalizing marijuana could reduce traffic fatalities

On the fence about legalizing marijuana? If so, consider this: legalizing weed could save your life. In the most comprehensive study of its kind ever conducted, the Institute for the Study of Labor has revealed in a provisional discussion paper that the legalization of medical marijuana in the United States is linked… » 12/01/11 3:18pm 12/01/11 3:18pm

4 Out of 5 Doctors Recommend Marijuana for Your ADHD Kid

Pot could replace Ritalin as the cure for hyperactivity in children. A group of 124,000 physicians is lobbying the government to make it easier for them to study and prescribe marijuana to their patients. Once they've fully studied the drug — something that hasn't happened before — they're anticipating finding a lot… » 2/18/08 2:00pm 2/18/08 2:00pm