How will the Sleepy Hollow show be different than Tim Burton's movie?

Sleepy Hollow might be our favorite new pilot airing this fall, thanks to a note-perfect cast, some really funny writing and some edge-of-your seat scares. But how will this show distinguish itself from Tim Burton's iconic movie? And what's next for these characters? We talked to the show's creators and star, to find… »9/05/13 4:15pm9/05/13 4:15pm

Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are creating a sexy Sleepy Hollow for Fox

This is an interesting match-up: the Star Trek and Transformers writing duo Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are writing a new supernatural pilot for Fox with director Len Wiseman (Underworld). Wiseman has proven himself on television with his popular pilot for Hawaii Five-0, so there's that. Plus, maybe Orci and Kurtzman… »1/23/13 6:21pm1/23/13 6:21pm

Why an Elevator Through the Center of the Earth Made Total Sense for Total Recall

If you've watched the TV spots and trailers for the new Total Recall movie, you've probably noticed a giant metal skyscraper-like elevator, that takes citizens from one side of the planet, to the other. Yes, this movie replaces Mars with an elevator through the center of the Earth, and it's a huge part of the movie. »8/02/12 4:03pm8/02/12 4:03pm

New Total Recall clip shows the robotic police force in action

Kate Beckinsale gets super snarky, leading a team of robots to destroy Colin Farrell and his possible ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel. We like the action in this latest Total Recall clip — but we also love the robots, something we thought was possibly secondary to the movie. The more we see of these shiny bots, the more… »7/17/12 7:44pm7/17/12 7:44pm

New Total Recall footage includes lots of shout-outs to the original

How much does the Total Recall remake pay homage to the original? Director Len Wiseman and several of the movie's stars came to San Diego Comic-Con with footage from the film, showing off the moments that pay tribute to the 1990 action flick. Just don't expect Colin Farrell to rattle off any witty (or cheesy)… »7/14/12 9:00am7/14/12 9:00am

How does Total Recall update Arnold's original movie? Clues From Our Set Visit!

We were invited to visit the set while Len Wiseman was filming his version of Philip K. Dick's We Can Remember It for You Wholesale better known as Total Recall in the cinemas. So how does it compare with the classic Paul Verhoeven picture? It's completely different, thankfully. After poking about through the sets… »6/12/12 3:27pm6/12/12 3:27pm

Total Recall teaser trailer looks like a dirtier 5th Element

Len Wiseman has released a quick look at his version of Philip K. Dick's Total Recall — including one lovely shot of Colin Farrell's dirty future home. Feels a bit like a smog-covered 5th Element. We've grabbed a shot from the trailer for further inspection below. The full official trailer will be online this Sunday. »3/27/12 1:56pm3/27/12 1:56pm

A Total Recall remake from the director of Underworld and Live Free Or Die Hard?

Nobody thinks a Total Recall remake is a good idea, but it's still happening. And now it's been announced that Underworld director Len Wiseman is in final talks to direct, from a script by Equilibrium/Ultraviolet director Kurt Wimmer. This will be a new "contemporized" adaptation. The press release quotes Wiseman: »7/29/10 2:36pm7/29/10 2:36pm