The 300 sequel is desperately trying to remind you it exists

There's a new trailer for the 300 sequel The Legend of Curly's Gold Rise of an Empire, and it's sad that this once proud franchise has traded its trademark quiet introspection and examination of the human condition for such bombast. Naw, I'm just kiddin', both movies are about half-naked dudes killing each other. » 12/04/13 11:20am 12/04/13 11:20am

New images from Dredd show off Lena Headey's villainous Ma-Ma

We've seen depictions of Mega-City One' s citizens in slow motion — now check out the actual city and its most dangerous inhabitant, Ma-Ma. Dredd has just dropped a bunch of stills showing the slums of Peach Trees Tower (where much of the film takes place) and a full-face shot of Lena Headey as the film's antagonist. … » 7/20/12 9:45am 7/20/12 9:45am

Dredd is a brutal action flick with both a high body count and a brain

Tonight we got our first look at Dredd, the rebooted adaptation of Britain's favorite dystopian super-cop, Judge Dredd. Yes, this movie is ultra-violent, and no, Karl Urban doesn't take his helmet off. But amidst the bullets and blood, Dredd leaves some questions about its heroes' role in their dystopian society while… » 7/12/12 2:31am 7/12/12 2:31am

A Dr. McNinja video game, a Star Trek jazz album, and a fairy tale cartoon starring Lena Headey

Looking for a few projects to fund this week? We've got some intriguing projects still searching for some generous patrons: a video game based on The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, an album filled with Star Trek jazz covers, a collection of racially diverse fantasy artwork, and a Grimm Fairy Tale animated series, with… » 4/15/12 12:00pm 4/15/12 12:00pm

Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Kill John Connor!

Click to view » 9/22/08 2:30pm 9/22/08 2:30pmI'm beginning to have a radical idea about how to fix : What if the mysterious death that's coming up this year is John Connor's? What do you do when the guy who's supposed to be the savior of mankind, the leader of the resistance and our hope for the future, bites the dust? That would be a pretty…

Where Does Sarah Connor Go When She Comes Undone?

It's not easy to be Sarah Connor. Not only is she a "post-modern Virgin Mary," but her future-savior son is going through a punky phase in season two of the Sarah Connor Chronicles » 8/28/08 11:51am 8/28/08 11:51am. The TV show will put its bad-ass heroine through a pretty hellish time in its second season. But the good news is, it sounds as though…

How To Make "Sarah Connor" More Like "Sopranos"

Everyone agrees it'll be tough to make Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles stretch out over five or six years of killer-robot-of-the-week episodes. Zap2It's Daniel Fienberg has a suggestion: Make it more like The Sopranos with killer robots, a show about ordinary, fucked-up people living with the constant fear of… » 1/16/08 9:00am 1/16/08 9:00am

io9 Talks to the Makers (and Star) of the Sarah Connor Chronicles

io9 spoke with star Lena Headey and producer James Middleton of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles today to try and torture secrets out of them, Skynet-style. Luckily, we also sent robot duplicates of ourselves back in time to infiltrate the set while they were filming, and to take out the future leader of the… » 1/07/08 2:40pm 1/07/08 2:40pm