10 Movie Flops That Totally Deserved It

Lone Ranger got treated to some rough justice at the box office this last weekend, and nobody shed a tear. But it's not the first flop that actually deserved its fate. Even though plenty of decent movies tank for dumb reasons, sometimes justice really is served. Here are 10 movies that bombed because they were awful. » 7/09/13 10:27am 7/09/13 10:27am

Worst Lobster Attack Sequence Ever

A whole squadron of killer lobsters attacks comedian Bill Cosby and his wife, in this bizarre sequence from scifi comedy Leonard Part 6, which Cosby wrote and produced. "The offensive will start immediately!" proclaims Gloria Foster's sequin-addicted supervillain. But really the offensive started about 70 minutes ago,… » 5/08/08 5:36pm 5/08/08 5:36pm