These Are The Seven Best Lesbian Anime Series Ever Made

After considering many opinions across the internet and consulting with fellow yuri (百合, lesbian themed Japanese media) fans, these are the seven best examples of non-explicitly erotic girl-on-girl animation from Japan. » 9/16/14 1:03am 9/16/14 1:03am

Why Gay Men May Be Less Anxious Than Straight Ones

There's no question that being closeted is emotionally and psychologically taxing. Now, newly-published research demonstrates that gay, lesbian and bi people who are out have lower stress hormone levels and fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression than those who hide their identities. The findings suggest that while… » 1/29/13 11:30am 1/29/13 11:30am

Do men really have higher sex drives than women?

There is possibly no greater source of debate than the age-old question of whether men want sex more than women. But embedded in that debate are a host of other questions. What is a "sex drive" anyway? What is a good scientific way to compare men and women's sexual desires? What happens when women want it more than… » 1/21/13 11:27am 1/21/13 11:27am

Lesbian Vampire Killer Trailer Delivers The Lipsticked-And-Fanged Goods

The creators of Lesbian Vampire Killers are treating the campy flick with the fanged girl-on-girl cheekiness it deserves. The new teaser trailer is overflowing with hot vampires and toothy kisses. » 12/29/08 7:00am 12/29/08 7:00am

Science Fiction That Could Turn You Queer, If Only for a Nanosecond

I know it's not really true that you can use mind-control to turn somebody queer and make that person want you, OK? I know that. But sometimes in the happy land of science fiction, you come across a book or movie that makes it seem like the whole frakkin universe has been taken over by a bunch of queer tranny… » 6/26/08 3:31pm 6/26/08 3:31pm

Gay Cylons Can Be Your Allies And Friends

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation will be running a public service announcement featuring Jamie "Apollo" Bamber, using his real-life British accent, during this Saturday's Battlestar Galactica: Razor. Most likely it's a response to certain scenes in the movie. Is this the first time a PSA has hinted at… » 11/20/07 4:15pm 11/20/07 4:15pm