10 Decent Movies That Were Doomed by Unfair Memes

Sometimes a movie sparks everybody's imagination months before it comes out. When a film gets talked about, that's usually a good thing — and it's an even better thing when it becomes the subject of memes and ideas. Unless those memes totally misrepresent what the movie's about, and wind up killing all interest in… » 1/17/13 11:10am 1/17/13 11:10am

The New Twilight Zone Movie: Just a Generic Spooky Action Thriller?

Matt Reeves, director of Cloverfield and the U.S. remake of Let The Right One In, is in final talks to direct the new Twilight Zone movie. And he could be making it as soon as next summer. But it won't be what you might be expecting from a film adaptation of Rod Serling's television series. » 10/16/11 10:44am 10/16/11 10:44am


The first two castmembers for J.J. Abrams's Super 8, plus new promo videos and photos for every sci-fi show on TV!

We finally learn something about J.J. Abrams's top secret movie project, with two great actors cast. There are new videos and photos out for Fringe, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Smallville, Caprica, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and so much more! Spoiler-ha! » 9/20/10 6:00am 9/20/10 6:00am