Hundreds of Charles Darwin's previously unpublished letters to be released online

Charles Darwin's personal letters have a reputation for being quite revealing, and, at times, very entertaining. They're where he weighed the pros and cons of marriage, and berated himself for being "very stupid." Now, more than 1,000 letters between Darwin and botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker have been made available… » 3/30/13 3:00pm 3/30/13 3:00pm

Clever comic explains where the letters of the alphabet got their shapes

It's easy to forget that our Latin-derived alphabet came from earlier alphabets that used physical objects to represent their letters. Cartoonist Jason Novak reminds us of the Egyptian, Phoenician, and Sumerian origins of our modern alphabet, with the letters incorporated into sketchy, energetic cartoons. » 9/30/12 4:00pm 9/30/12 4:00pm