The Death of Philip K. Dick and the Birth of Cyberpunk

Rudy Rucker was the first author to win the Philip K. Dick Award, right after Dick's death in 1982. Around that time, Rucker was becoming aware of the new "Cyberpunk" movement and meeting the rebellious authors who were reimagining the union of humans and computers. In this exclusive excerpt from Rucker's new… » 12/06/11 3:19pm 12/06/11 3:19pm

Teen Drama Queens Vs. Alien Invaders: Who Will You Root For?

If it's Wednesday, then it must be time-travel or space war. Or, in the case of one of the new comic books this week, some combination of the two. This week's comics see all manner of classic scifi ideas repackaged for today's super-hero-centric audiences. Relaunches, forgotten series, and an unfinished classic all… » 2/12/08 9:00am 2/12/08 9:00am