When the Apocalypse Throws You Back in Time

When we try to imagine the world after an apocalypse, we often end up thinking of a particular era from history. It's not surprising — because the end of the world as we know it often means we'll lose a lot of the fruits of progress. People often talk about bombing someone "back to the Stone Age," for example. » 5/24/12 3:00pm 5/24/12 3:00pm

4 Ways The United States Could End In The Next 100 Years

The United States is always collapsing in science fiction. The U.S. implodes, explodes, or just declines. But a team of professional futurists sees only four scenarios that could end the U.S.A. — and they've got a chart to prove it. » 8/04/09 11:30am 8/04/09 11:30am

Don't believe them? There's a hand-scrawled chart, so it must be true:

We're All Slaves Of History, In Sprawling Dystopian Novel

What would the United States look like after the collapse of everything? The answer isn't a zombie-strewn wasteland or a sudden revival of punk-rock fashions, but rather something more like a flashback to the mid-19th century. The frontier spirit, small communities banding together, roaming Indian tribes... and huge… » 6/25/08 1:10pm 6/25/08 1:10pm