Lose Yourself In These Photos Of Europe's Most Magnificent Libraries

Across Europe there are buildings that are nothing short of temples of literature, glorious structures where books are not just available, but placed in beautiful and honored shelves. Take a virtual tour through the stacks of some of the world's most jaw-dropping libraries. » 1/13/15 3:00pm 1/13/15 3:00pm

Watch the world's longest domino chain made of books

To kick off its 2013 Summer Reading Program, the Seattle Public Library set a world record with a library-appropriate domino chain. Twenty-seven volunteers lined up 2,131 books and knocked them all down. » 6/16/13 7:30am 6/16/13 7:30am

A glass pyramid filled with nothing but books

Rotterdam has a new public library called Book Mountain, and it's exactly what the name suggests. A pyramid-shaped glass shell several floors designed to look like a mountain made of books. This is exactly the kind of place where the angels in Wings of Desire would have hung out. » 10/11/12 5:34pm 10/11/12 5:34pm

20 heroic librarians who save the world

If information is power, then there's no hero mightier than a librarian. Librarians are superheroes, adventurers, explorers and invaluable guides to other heroes. Here are 20 amazing librarians who save the world every day! » 10/22/10 4:23pm 10/22/10 4:23pm

Take a Peek Inside Neil Gaiman's Library

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman's personal library is a book lover's dream, stuffed to the gills with all manner of novels, reference books, and anthologies, with the occasional gargoyle or mounted stuffed head for good measure. » 9/04/09 3:00pm 9/04/09 3:00pm

Scifi Books that Have Been Banned in the Twenty-First Century

Click to view » 10/10/08 8:40am 10/10/08 8:40amAlien zoo sex, vulgar language, and the horrors of war have earned this novel (which shall remain nameless) a place on many a banned books list. And it's hardly alone. Even in just the last decade, parents have tried to remove their least favorite titles from school libraries, and works of science fiction…

DiY Public Library Is a Low-Tech Beauty

A new library in Casanera, Colombia shows us what humankind might have built with sticks and stones if they'd never discovered bricks, steel, and electricity. The Villanueva Public Library was built on a modest budget, designed by a bunch of university students in Bogota. And instead of importing fancy, expensive… » 4/15/08 8:40am 4/15/08 8:40am

Spielberg Gets Locked Into Underground Vault

Two films that Steven Spielberg had a hand in, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Back to the Future, were both selected alongside 23 other films to be shelved forever in the Library of Congress' National Film Registry. They'll get locked up inside a hermetically sealed vault, and preserved in mason jars with… » 12/27/07 11:30am 12/27/07 11:30am

Mutant Spore Library in Czech Republic May Never Get Built

Earlier this year, architect Jan Kaplicky won a contest for this design of the planned Czech National Library. Though observers say he won fair and square, controversy over the purple, ten-story, octopus-shaped building continues to rage. President Vaclav Klaus has rejected the design, and so the Czech Republic may… » 11/20/07 4:04pm 11/20/07 4:04pm