Behold, the Moon as you've never seen it before

If something about this animation strikes you as unfamiliar, don't worry, you're not imagining things; though the Moon does rotate about its axis as it orbits Earth, you've never in your life seen it spin quite like this. » 9/16/13 2:40pm 9/16/13 2:40pm

Prepare for the Supermoon, the biggest, brightest full Moon of the year

THE SUPERMOON IS UPON US! The biggest full Moon of the year will be lighting up the night sky Saturday night. Find out what makes this Moon different, and what, if anything, you need to look out for. (Werewolves? Tidal waves?? YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL, PEOPLE.) » 5/04/12 11:40am 5/04/12 11:40am