How the Search for Life on Mars Could Be Dooming Itself by Accident

When Curiosity goes looking for organic molecules in Mars's solid surface, it vaporizes a rock sample and sniffs the gas that comes out. The plan could be going awry thanks to a pesky little mineral called jarosite. » 2/20/15 2:30pm 2/20/15 2:30pm

This Curiosity Image Suggests Microbial Life Once Existed On Mars

It may not look like much — just an old rock with dust on it. But after careful examination of this and other images taken of the Martian surface, a geobiologist is now claiming that these distinctive surface features could have only come from one source: microbes. » 1/06/15 9:00am 1/06/15 9:00am

Ancient Mars May Have Been More Habitable Than We Thought

Data collected by the Curiosity Rover suggests Mars once featured a moderate climate capable of fostering lakes of liquid water and even a vast sea, and that this climate could have extended to many parts of the Red Planet. » 12/09/14 9:00am 12/09/14 9:00am

10 TV Shows That Hooked Us In The First 5 Minutes (And How They Did It)

We're just a few days away from the start of the fall TV season in earnest. Tons of new TV shows will be displaying their bright plumage for you. But these days, a TV show has to move fast to hook people. Here are 10 TV shows that won us over in just five minutes — and what they did to grab us. » 9/17/14 10:00am 9/17/14 10:00am

10 Weird TV Show Ideas That The Networks Keep Trying Over And Over

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Did This Martian Volcano Once Host Life?

Extremophiles teach us that life is found in unlikely places, which is why scientists are trying to expand our definition of what a habitable environment is. This ancient Martian volcano could be a prime example. » 5/28/14 6:00pm 5/28/14 6:00pm

Curiosity Is Going To Drill Mars, Looking For Signs Of Past Life

Curiosity is going to peer beneath the red surface of Mars by drilling into it — and scientists are hoping to find signs of ancient life. » 4/16/14 1:19pm 4/16/14 1:19pm

The Most Brutal Endings of Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows

Last night, Breaking Bad broke us once and for all, with a fitting ending that gave us tons of closure. But many of our favorite TV shows have straight-up kicked us in the teeth on their way out. Here are the most brutal series finales of science fiction and fantasy TV shows. » 9/30/13 1:10pm 9/30/13 1:10pm

What's the most contrived twist ending in a science fiction story?

One major reason we love science fiction is for its ability to surprise us — and a great twist ending makes the whole preceding story feel better. But when a final twist feels random or silly, then there's nothing worse. What's your least favorite twist ending from science fiction or fantasy? » 7/31/13 2:06pm 7/31/13 2:06pm

NASA is getting ready to search for signs of life on Mars

The goal of NASA's Curiosity rover is to determine if Mars was ever capable of supporting life. But the Agency's next rover, set to launch in 2020, could take things one giant step further. Given recent findings, says Jack Mustard, chairman of the Agency's Science Definition Team, "past Martian life seems possible,… » 7/10/13 12:17pm 7/10/13 12:17pm

Hot Mars Theory suggests life never had a chance on the Red Planet

As NASA's Curiosity rover scours the Martian surface in search of signs that Mars was once capable of fostering complex life, a team of researchers from the University of Poitiers, France, and Caltech have issued a paper that casts serious doubt on the notion that the planet was once habitable. » 9/10/12 3:40pm 9/10/12 3:40pm

The creator of the British Life on Mars creates a new show about the…

This actually sounds amazingly promising — Matthew Graham, best known for creating the original British Life on Mars, has a deal with Fox to create a new show called Para Time. According to Heat Vision, the show "revolves around a group that polices parallel worlds." So, sliders meets police procedural? We're in. [… » 8/24/12 2:37pm 8/24/12 2:37pm

Why look for life on Mars when you can make life on Mars?

Biologists who study extremophiles are dramatically expanding our sense of just how amazingly resilient microorganisms can be — insights that have serious implications in our search for extraterrestrial life. At the same time, these hardy microbes are also inspiring synthetic biologists to create their own strains of… » 8/09/12 12:00pm 8/09/12 12:00pm

When insanity is your superpower, reality will eventually become your…

From the beginning, Awake's Michael Britten has seen his delusion about seeing two different versions of reality as a possible strength: He can learn something in one world and use it in the other. As he tells Bird in last night's episode, sometimes he knows stuff that he shouldn't be able to know. So being out of… » 5/18/12 11:40am 5/18/12 11:40am

Awake really is the best show you're not watching

Every once in a while, one TV show comes along that does it all: explore characters at a deep level, delve into major philosophical issues in a fresh, meaningful way, and keep you white-knuckled with suspense. Awake is one such show, and if you're not watching it, you're missing something extraordinary. The last two… » 4/07/12 10:44am 4/07/12 10:44am

The Extremest Extremophiles: Microbial oasis underneath Earth's driest…

For the last twenty million years, Chile's Atacama Desert has been the driest, most inhospitable place on Earth. But deep below the surface of this unimaginably arid world, microbes are flourishing without even oxygen or sunlight. Meet the extremest extremophiles. » 2/19/12 1:30pm 2/19/12 1:30pm

The next NASA rover could bring the first microbes to Mars

There's no way to be absolutely certain, but we're pretty sure that no germs have ever survived the grueling journey from Earth to Mars. But the latest rover to explore the Red Planet might just take along some microscopic colonists. » 9/07/11 4:01pm 9/07/11 4:01pm

The Definitive History of Science Fiction and Fantasy Cop Shows

This fall's television offerings include Grimm, a fantasy take on the police procedural in which a homicide detective must protect humanity from fairytale evil. And Terry Pratchett has a new procedural on the way, set in his Discworld universe. » 5/19/11 1:00pm 5/19/11 1:00pm

Have we already hopelessly contaminated the search for extraterrestrial…

Every time we send spacecraft to explore the solar system, we send along lots of tiny microbes. In fact, we may have deposited a trillion microbial spores on Mars. How will we ever discover alien life through all that haze? » 12/28/10 12:08pm 12/28/10 12:08pm

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