The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Ends With A Bang, And A Stark

Lifetime’s Lizzie Borden Chronicles came to a poignant end last night with “Capsize,” guest-starring Michelle “Lady Catelyn Stark” Fairley as the fierce matriarch of the late Leslie Trotwood’s mobbed-up family. But if we’ve learned anything from this show, it’s that nobody is as fierce as Lizzie. »5/25/15 2:20pm5/25/15 2:20pm


The Borden Sisters Go Undercover (But Not For Long!) On Chronicles

You gotta give The Lizzie Borden Chronicles credit; the only thing predictable about this show is how unpredictable it is (and, ok, the fact that Lizzie will off at least one other character per episode). In episode seven, “The Sisters Grimke,” the Borden sisters flee Fall River and Lizzie adopts a more fun-loving… »5/18/15 5:23pm5/18/15 5:23pm

A Familiar Weapon Makes A Gory Return On The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

From episode six’s title, “The Fugitive Kind,” we have a good idea that Pinkerton detective turned (wrongfully) convicted murderer Siringo is not going to end up at the gallows. But his legal troubles get him out of Lizzie’s hair long enough for her to turn her attentions to other matters, like sabotaging her sister’s… »5/11/15 2:20pm5/11/15 2:20pm

Love Is A Bloody Battlefield On The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Romance is in the air in Fall River, but so are gushing sprays of blood. Episode five, “Cold Storage,” is the series’ halfway point, and Lizzie is now a full-fledged serial killer. Sure, she’s been coldly taking down anyone who dares get in her way for weeks now. But in this ep, she ups her psycho game considerably. »5/04/15 2:41pm5/04/15 2:41pm

Nance Tries To Turn Avenger, But Nobody Can Outwit Lizzie On Chronicles

A lot of people kick the bucket on this week’s Lizzie Borden Chronicles episode, “Welcome to Maplecroft,” and shockingly — shockingly! — not all of them are done in by the divine Miss B. Our pint-sized psychopath does get the most creative kill, however, in yet another ep that mixes gore with arch, arch dialogue. »4/27/15 3:09pm4/27/15 3:09pm

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Just Went Completely, Insanely Over The Top

We’re three episodes into The Lizzie Borden Chronicles’ eight-ep run on Lifetime, and last night’s episode, “Flowers,” was full of dramatic twists galore — including some very gory ones that sacrificed some key characters (or seemed to, anyway). Where the hell can this show possibly go next? »4/20/15 3:58pm4/20/15 3:58pm

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles' First Episode Shows Wickedly Campy Promise

Lizzie did it. That was heavily implied in Lizzie Borden Took An Axe, the Lifetime movie that spawned The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, which keeps that theory alive and embellishes the hell out of it. Like the film, the series stars a clearly-having-a-ball Christina Ricci; it starts after the accused murderer's acquittal. »4/09/15 11:00pm4/09/15 11:00pm

Christina Ricci's Lizzie Borden TV Series Looks Like Campy, Bloody Fun 

After the success of Lizzie Borden Took An Axe, Lifetime opted to turn the Christina Ricci-starring movie into an eight-episode series, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. It kicks off April 5, and based on new clips posted to its official site, looks to be a campy good time (with fabulous costumes ... those hats!) »4/03/15 1:20pm4/03/15 1:20pm