Watch Jeff Bridges lose 28 years in 2 minutes in the making of Tron…

Say what you will about the plot of Tron Legacy, the visual effects were slick, sleek and sexy as hell. Digital Domain has compiled a super-spoilery short video detailing every little trick and computer generated image. » 1/06/11 9:45am 1/06/11 9:45am

Remote-control Tron Legacy light cycle toys can drive up walls

What's the crown jewel of the Tron Legacy toy blitz? This RC light cycle, which uses vacuum-powered suction to scale walls. Also, if another light cycle toy blocks its rear light stream, it'll plummet to earth. Watch it in action! » 6/22/10 6:40am 6/22/10 6:40am

Tron Legacy Will Use 3-D The Way The Wizard Of Oz Used Color

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has just set our minds at ease. He promises that the new Disney Tron will be less like Avatar and more like the Wizard of Oz, in that only the Tron world will be 3D. » 1/21/10 4:09pm 1/21/10 4:09pm

Your First Look Inside Tron Legacy Reveals A Sexy Upgrade

Check out the first ever image to come out of Tron Legacy — it's full of passionate unitard stare downs, punk wigs and disc weapons. Plus Flynn Jr. takes the wheel, in the new light-cycle poster. » 12/09/09 11:54am 12/09/09 11:54am

io9 Visits Flynn's Arcade, Gets First Look At New Light Cycle

Disney dropped a replica storefront of Kevin Flynn's Arcade into downtown San Diego as part of promotion for Tron: Legacy. Best part? We played Space Paranoids and got to see the light cycle live. Full gallery below. » 7/25/09 2:01am 7/25/09 2:01am