This Week's TV: At Long Last, the Debut of Marvel's Jessica Jones!

Jessica Jones comes to Netflix, Man in the High Castle streams on Amazon, and Marceline the Vampire Queens gets her own four-part miniseries on Adventure Time! A deadly Grant Morrison character swoops in on Gotham, a Jim Henson project is thawed in time for Thanksgiving, and Clara’s future is revealed on Doctor Who!… »11/16/15 4:25pm11/16/15 4:25pm

Last Night's Limitless Was Ferris Bueller's Day Off Gone Wild

Dangerous super drugs, a shady black ops gig, plenty of ‘80s references... several of my boxes, checked. Last night’s Limitless showed what happened when Brian tried to take a “day off,” packing in Ferris Bueller nods in between gruesome murders. (Including Rebecca as Sloane!) Solid episode overall, obviously.… »11/04/15 3:40pm11/04/15 3:40pm

Limitless Recap: Dirty Rotten Lies and Clay Voodoo Dolls

I’m gonna be honest. I was pretty skeptical of this Limitless at first. (The Bradley Cooper-voiced animated fetus in the pilot—which, yes, we must continually acknowledge—was a worrisome omen.) But last night’s episode dove into the dark subplots I’ve been craving, but was still chock full of jokes that echo favorites… »10/21/15 3:30pm10/21/15 3:30pm

Limitless Got a Bit Darker This Week, But It's Still Awesomely Cartoony

Finally, things are ramping up on Limitless! By my count, there were four subplots—all of which could’ve gone off the rails very easily, and nearly did—but the show handled them pretty deftly. We covered a lot of ground, like staging a rescue for a super-engineered lab rodent that was mouse-napped, but we also went a… »10/14/15 1:44pm10/14/15 1:44pm

Limitless: This Show Should Be Popping More Super Pills to Crank Up the Goofiness

This week on Limitless, we learn that a super drug—that grants you Watson-like mental powers but also destroys your body—is actually an effective dating tool, as well. But surprise! It also makes things a lot more complicated, which Brian learns the hard way as he continues his tenure as FBI consultant-slash-human… »10/07/15 5:30pm10/07/15 5:30pm

This Week's TV: Can The Flash Manage To Stay Excellent in its Second Season?

Let’s hope so! We’ll get our first clue as to whether The Flash can avoid the dreaded Sophomore Slump this week. Also, Arrow is lightening up. Lady Gaga comes to American Horror Story! Also: Doctor Who gets spooky, and Peter MacNichol returns to Agents of SHIELD. It’s a thrilling week of television! »10/05/15 4:36pm10/05/15 4:36pm

Limitless Is Turning Into a Light-Hearted Comedy and I'm Pretty OK With It

Limitless started out last week as a dark sci-fi drama filled with ailing fathers and a botched superdrug that ravages the human body. Last night, its second episode took a sharp turn into light-hearted territory, with comic book-style speech bubbles floating in the air and James Bond fantasy sequences. I’m all about… »9/30/15 12:40pm9/30/15 12:40pm

Are There Really Already Rumors About A New Doctor On Doctor Who!?

Plus there’s already speculation on the new companion too. John Boyega admits to getting teary over The Force Awakens. Game of Thrones set reports tease what’s to come in Daenerys’ story in season six. Plus, Elizabeth Olsen on the fun of Civil War, and footage of the new Flash in action on The Flash. Behold, Spoilers! »9/24/15 9:00am9/24/15 9:00am

Limitless Premiere: Would You Take a Pill That Might Kill You If It Turned You Into a Total Badass?

Take this pill, and you turn into a human supercomputer. Careful though, ‘cause it’ll kill you. That’s the premise of CBS’s new crime drama Limitless, a sort-of sequel to the 2011 Bradley Cooper flick. The show kicked off last night, and has Cooper serving as executive producer and appearing as the hero-turned-villain… »9/23/15 12:52pm9/23/15 12:52pm