War Stories From The Future Is A Fantastic Military Science Fiction Anthology From The Atlantic Council

We’ve highlighted the Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare project a several times this year, and we’re big fans of their work. Now, they’ve got a new project that they’ve just released: an anthology titled War Stories From The Future. Best of all? It’s a free book! »11/14/15 1:00pm11/14/15 1:00pm


The Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Everyone’s Talking About In June

Looking for some awesome beach reads? Science fiction and fantasy have you covered. There’s a new Shannara book, a brand new Laurell K. Hamilton, and an Alistair Reynolds novella. Plus Scalzi’s next Old Man’s War book, and Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter’s Long Utopia. Here are all the books you can’t miss in June! »6/05/15 5:23pm6/05/15 5:23pm

2013 Nebula nominees show the new face of science fiction and fantasy

The most exciting new authors of science fiction and fantasy include Ann Leckie, Sofia Samatar and Helene Wecker, according to the 2013 Nebula nominations. They join veterans like Neil Gaiman, Nicola Griffith and Karen Joy Fowler. The overall nominee list is incredibly strong and reflects the range of voices in SF in… »2/25/14 3:45pm2/25/14 3:45pm

It's time to start reading hard science fiction again

I write science fiction and fantasy, but mostly my work is classified as "hard" science fiction. I've found that there are many readers who know and love hard science fiction, but I think just as many are determined to avoid it, convinced that the hard stuff is not for them. Why? They just don't know what hard science… »11/14/13 2:12pm11/14/13 2:12pm