No, Lindsay Lohan is not Supergirl

This rumor is up there with the Cher is Catwoman and Eddie Murphy is the Riddler whoppers. TMZ is reporting that Lindsay's people have had multiple phone conversations with the folks behind the new Superman movie. Apparently she's in the running for a "major character," but not Lois Lane — and lots of sites have jumped… » 2/08/11 12:03pm 2/08/11 12:03pm

Smallville Doesn't Care About Green People. Thankfully.

Last night's Smallville » 10/03/08 1:40pm 10/03/08 1:40pm didn't just give you a very rushed version of the origin of Green Arrow, it also gave any over-partying celeb the perfect excuse for whatever drunken behavior they want. Just stumble forward into someone's arms and remember to say these magic words: "I've been poisoned... I only have twelve…