The Funniest Words That Sound Dirty In Other Languages

Earlier today, we asked for help coming up with a word for that thing where a word is innocent in its native language, but sounds like a dirty word to foreign speakers. And not only did we come up with a word — "sordophone" — but also, a pretty impressive list of words that travelers should be careful about saying. » 1/02/15 4:12pm 1/02/15 4:12pm

Listen To This Teenage 'Hyperpolyglot' Speak 20 Different Languages

Timothy Doner began studying foreign languages intensely at the age of thirteen. Today, Doner, still a teenager, can speak more than twenty languages, making him one of the world's most famous polyglots – but equally impressive is his mature perspective on the subject of his linguistic fame. » 9/27/14 12:30pm 9/27/14 12:30pm