10 Teen Titans (Plus 1 Other) We Would Love To See In The New TV Series

The Teen Titans have sure been getting a lot of exposure lately from the successful series of 2003, for the more controversial elements and of course, the new TV series. With the announcement of the possible cast, there has been a lot of discussion on who should have been on the roster, he or she that shouldn't have… » 2/05/15 3:22pm 2/05/15 3:22pm

The strangest Spider-Man public service announcements ever

Spider-Man's a stand-up guy, and he'll go to bat for almost any good cause. Unfortunately, the fact that he's an arachno-sapien in a bodysuit transforms any serious attempt at advocacy into a perplexing tableau. Here are 10 odd Spider-PSAs. » 10/17/10 8:45pm 10/17/10 8:45pm

I'm pretty sure this ad occurs in an alternate Marvel universe where…

The 10 Weirdest Twilight Zone Villains

So tomorrow is Twilight Zone Day. In honor of this inexplicable holiday, here are the underappreciated baddies of the Serlingverse. Never mind psychokinetic children who'll turn you into a jack-in-the-box. We're talking evil genies who'll turn you into Hitler! » 5/10/10 6:33pm 5/10/10 6:33pm

Locus Magazine Unveils 2009 Recommended Reading List

The February issue of stalwart scifi literature magazine Locus reveals their staff's picks for the best science fiction prose of 2009. Which of your favorite books made the voluminous final cut? » 2/21/10 2:00pm 2/21/10 2:00pm

The Top 10 Weirdest One-off Characters On Lost

We've noted that Lost has one of the largest ensemble casts in TV history. But what about those unsung characters who appeared once or twice, only to disappear forever? Here's our list of Lost's 10 greatest nobodies. » 1/14/10 12:33pm 1/14/10 12:33pm

10 Favorite Faux Deaths In Science Fiction

Death really isn't the end in science fiction... It just depends on whether or not it can be written around later. Here are some of our favorite NotDeaths that prove that the Grim Reaper should really up his game. » 11/08/09 12:00pm 11/08/09 12:00pm

The Perfect Scifi Thanksgiving Day Feast

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so get thee to the kitchen — but to make sure you don't get caught pairing the wrong "Jawa Juice" with your "Wookie Cookies" we've collected the perfect menu for your science fictional dinner. We've scanned through all the many delicacies and bizarre recipes that have turned up in science… » 11/26/08 4:00pm 11/26/08 4:00pm

Ten Kickass Songs About Comic Books, Plus One Weird Ditty

What are the best songs about comic books, other than Black Sabbath's "Iron Man"? I asked Douglas Wolk on IM the other day because he's the only person I know who is obsessed with comic books and music simultaneously. (He's the author of the awesome Reading Comics and Live At the Apollo about James Brown.) The best… » 1/03/08 9:45am 1/03/08 9:45am

Scifi Webisodes: What Should You Be Watching?

Webisodes: should you bother watching these two minute blips of video that permeate the web? Sometimes they only serve as advertising fluff, but occasionally you'll get a juicy tidbit or two, like seeing what Admiral "Husker" Adama was up to during the first Cylon war. There are lot of them out there, but are they… » 11/15/07 8:00am 11/15/07 8:00am

NPR Wants Scifi Novels On Your Bedside Table

NPR's Nancy Pearl, who has probably written enough words about science fiction to fill a couple of Del Rey compendiums with, has laid out of a list of her recommended reading. While technically only two of the books on her list are science fiction, you can't really argue with Frederik Pohl and Joe Haldeman. Neal… » 11/12/07 8:37pm 11/12/07 8:37pm