Believe It Or Not, The Latest Literary-Vs-Genre Book Debate Is Progress

At first blush, it sounds like the same old story — a literary author writes a novel set in the post-apocalyptic future, and then complains when people describe it as science fiction. But actually, Emily St. John Mandel's debate with the Washington Post's Ron Charles represents a bit of progress. »10/16/14 4:30pm10/16/14 4:30pm


Is it really possible for books to "transcend genre?"

The debate over "literary fiction" versus "commercial fiction" (with the latter category including speculative fiction) has gone on forever — but there's a new wrinkle. New York Times Book Review contributor Christopher Beha has a proposal for how the NYTBR can recognize really groundbreaking works of speculative… »9/17/13 7:40pm9/17/13 7:40pm

Read an exclusive short story from one of the year's most acclaimed collections

Manuel Gonzales' bizarre, fantastical story collection The Miniature Wife is getting rave reviews from the likes of Charles Yu and Hannah Tinti. It was named one of last week's best books by Publisher's Weekly, which also gave it a starred review. And people are comparing Gonzales, executive director of the Austin Bat… »1/15/13 5:20pm1/15/13 5:20pm

Online Porn Stars and Literary Construction Workers, in a Strange New Story Collection from the Author of Witz

Joshua Cohen's previous book Witz, an epic about the last Jew on Earth, received a healthy amount of review coverage for such a large and difficult novel. (See my io9 review here.) One of the more penetrating observations about the book's encyclopedic nature was this one, from Dan Visel's review: »9/06/12 7:40pm9/06/12 7:40pm

Meet the Obliterary Journal, dedicated to wiping literary fiction off the face of the Earth

Pulp fiction is getting a shot in the arm — and some totally gorgeous art — from Chennai-based publishers Blaft. The brainchild of mathematician Rakesh Khanna, Blaft has already published The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction Vol. 1 & 2. And now they're putting out a new comics anthology series, The Obliterary… »2/20/12 2:33pm2/20/12 2:33pm

Does the literary establishment still look down on science fiction through its glossy monocle?
Does the literary establishment still look down on science fiction through its glossy monocle? Apparently so, judging from a panel that took place at New York City's New School over the weekend. Time Magazine »9/16/08 5:55pm9/16/08 5:55pm's Lev Grossman argued for tearing down the artificial distinction between "high art" and genre writing, and…