Get The Complete Text Of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother As A Poster

There's nothing cooler than owning the complete text of a novel in a readable lithograph, with a striking image. We've shared posters with the complete text of War of the Worlds and The Last Unicorn. And now you can own all of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother as a dynamic, defiant print. » 6/03/14 3:20pm 6/03/14 3:20pm

Why Publishers Are Always Looking For The Next Old Man's War

Many of us have been reading science fiction for years, and we bring all of that weight of experience and knowledge to every new book we read. But to keep growing, science fiction has to reach readers who know nothing about the genre — so publishers need to find good "entry level" books, says Tor editor Patrick… » 5/24/13 11:30am 5/24/13 11:30am

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother becomes a must-see stage play

I was lucky enough to catch a preview performance of the Custom Made Theatre Co.'s new stage adaptation of Cory Doctorow's award-winning novel Little Brother the other day — and it was a total marvel. Somehow, writer/director Josh Costello managed to condense the novel down to a two-hour play, without losing any of… » 1/17/12 8:20am 1/17/12 8:20am

Where To Start With Young Adult Science Fiction

Where's the best place to start your kids with reading Science Fiction? Here's a booklist of some of the best Sci-Fi for the discerning young adult, because it's never too early to teach them about the dangers of dystopian societies. » 10/18/09 3:00pm 10/18/09 3:00pm

How Many Awards Does A Book Have To Win Before It Gets A Book Deal?

Congrats to Ian R. MacLeod and Cory Doctorow for sharing this year's Campbell Award, for Song Of Time and Little Brother respectively. But is it really true that U.S. publishers have been balking at publishing MacLeod's book? » 7/13/09 1:30pm 7/13/09 1:30pm

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother Is The Best Libertarian SF Book Of 2009

Cory Doctorow's Little Brother showed the dangers of a police state run amuck, and showed how public-spirited techies fight back. Now the Libertarian Futurist Society has given Little Brother the 2009 Prometheus Award for libertarian SF. Image by Richard Wilkinson. » 7/08/09 10:00am 7/08/09 10:00am

It's Like The Outsiders, Only With xBoxes And Culture-Jamming

Cory Doctorow's Hugo-nominated story of teen hackers thwarting a paranoid surveillance state, Little Brother, has been optioned by producer Don Murphy (Natural Born Killers, From Hell.) Assuming it actually happens, which teen actor would you want to play Marcus? » 6/18/09 1:00pm 6/18/09 1:00pm

Doctorow's Little Brother Shows The Genesis Of Dystopia

Young-adult authors have conquered science fiction with a mixture of angst, romance, and the discovery that adults are wrong. But Cory Doctorow's Hugo/Nebula-nominated Little Brother puts a geeky, subversive spin on that formula. Spoilers! » 4/23/09 3:31pm 4/23/09 3:31pm

Cory Doctorow To Fans: "Stop Pinging Your Whuffie"

"I am actually a deep Whuffie sceptic. The problem is the same as with cash economics, the lack of social mobility and a winner-takes-all economy. It is also powerfully normative and punishing of minority viewpoints... Pretty much all transformational ideas are challenging to the status quo. A society that doesn't… » 11/26/08 10:20am 11/26/08 10:20am