Crowdfund A Book Of New Little Nemo Comics By More Than 100 Creators

Some of the biggest creators in comics are making their own versions of the fantastical Little Nemo comics, and you can help bring their creations into print. Plus, you can fund another season of the Fallout fan series Nuka Break and a comic that combines hardboiled crime novels with nursery rhymes. » 6/27/14 1:40pm 6/27/14 1:40pm

The third most unsuccessful comic-book adaptation of all time is actually not bad

Winsor McKay didn't just create one of the most influential comics of all time, Little Nemo in Slumberland — he also was an animation pioneer, creating some of the first real animated films. So it's kind of sad that the animated movie version of Little Nemo, from 1992, was such a flop — at one point, I saw it listed… » 12/28/11 5:30pm 12/28/11 5:30pm

What happened when Warren Ellis went to Little Nemo's Slumberland?

We've seen Little Nemo's encounters with H.R. Giger, but what precipitated when he crossed path with Warren Ellis? As part of Ellis' Whitechapel redesign contests (previously: 1, 2, 3, 4), author Si Spurrier challenged illustrators to give Winsor McCay's drowsy cartoon hero from the early 1900s a bizarre makeover. As… » 10/26/11 2:30pm 10/26/11 2:30pm