Please Let This Static Shock Casting Rumor Be False

Let's be clear: This rumor comes from anonymous sources and is in no way official. But it worries me so much, I'm breaking a couple of my own deeply-held convictions to pray to every deity I can that it's not true. Ready? Okay, deep breath. The rumor is that Warner Bros. is looking at Jaden Smith to star in Static… »10/28/14 2:30am10/28/14 2:30am

Live-Action Akira Remake Script Surprisingly Faithful to the Original

Ever since Warner Bros. announced its plans to remake the 1988 anime Akira »11/10/08 3:12pm11/10/08 3:12pm as a pair of live-action films, fans have been understandably nervous. Although Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of both the original manga and its animated adaptation, is on board as the film’s executive producer, some fear that Hollywood will…