Join Vikings actor George Blagden as he liveblogs tonight's episode…

Tonight we welcome Vikings actor George Blagden to io9 to live blog about all things drenched with salt water and blood. Blagden, who you may remember from Les Misérables and Wrath of the Titans, plays the character Athelstan, a loan monk who was spared from the great Monk slaughtering that took place when Ragnar… » 3/18/13 1:10am 3/18/13 1:10am

Live Coverage of the End of the World

Today is the first day of the end of the world, according to the predictions of unquestionably sane biblical mathematician Harold Camping—and we're bringing you to the Whore of Babylon herself, New York City, live via web stream. Watch as Christian souls are raptured to the sky! Listen as the angels sound the seven… » 5/21/11 8:50am 5/21/11 8:50am

Grief, Guilt And Resurrection As Lost Begins Its Final Chapter

Lost gave us its most baffling storytelling device yet, but we were too busy coping with the overpowering guilt, grief and recrimination among our island castaways. Spoilers ahead... » 2/02/10 6:00pm 2/02/10 6:00pm

Hell Yes - It's the Friday Night Battlestar Commenter Liveblog

There was so much weird family bickering in last week's Battlestar Galactica episode that we thought we were reading Brideshead Revisited. Now you can tell us what you think as tonight's episode unfolds. Spoilers ahead! » 2/27/09 7:00pm 2/27/09 7:00pm

It's Your Friday Night Battlestar Liveblog

I'll be liveblogging Battlestar Galactica on PST, so watch this space with that in mind. For the rest of you, feel free to start commenting whenever the spirit moves you. Spoilers ahead! » 1/23/09 7:00pm 1/23/09 7:00pm

Battlestar Galactica Is Back - And We're Liveblogging It

Tonight's Battlestar Galactica episode, called "Sometimes a Great Notion," has already started for people on EST. I'll be liveblogging on PST, so watch this space for livebloggage - and feel free to start commenting! » 1/16/09 7:45pm 1/16/09 7:45pm

Eleventh Hour Once Again Revels in Torturing Teenagers

What the hell is it with pseudo-science action show Eleventh Hour » 10/30/08 9:59pm 10/30/08 9:59pm and child torture? Is that like the only kind of weird science there is left? First we have an episode where our FBI science investigators have to solve a mystery about kids who are killing each other by licking toads, then an episode where kids are…

Liveblogging the Battlestar Premiere

Later this evening, I will be joining a group of anonymous Battlestar fans at an undisclosed San Francisco location. Ice cream will be eaten. And then the screen will glow, and I will begin to liveblog the awesomest science fiction television moment of 2008. The fourth and final season of Battlestar! Look for the… » 4/04/08 6:31pm 4/04/08 6:31pm

Science Nerds Crush Boston at AAAS, Starting Tomorrow

As you read this, I'm on a plane zooming to Boston where I will meet up with a zillion other science geeks at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. I'm speaking on a panel about science blogging on Saturday afternoon, along with several other distinguished panelists including… » 2/13/08 11:40am 2/13/08 11:40am