Streaming HD Video From The Space Station Is Now Available 24/7

NASA has launched a livestream from the International Space Station. Four HD cameras attached to the ISS are now providing an around-the-clock perspective of Earth, including audio conversations between the crew and Mission Control. You can watch it live right here. » 5/02/14 1:20pm 5/02/14 1:20pm

Cops Show Up Live on Warcraft Stream After Troll Phones In Fake Report

A popular livestreamer had some unwanted guest stars yesterday evening—the Seminole County, Fla. Sheriff's Office, summoned by a troll who phoned in a report of someone threatening others with a knife. You can see it play out here. » 12/04/13 5:34pm 12/04/13 5:34pm

Watch the Welcome to Night Vale podcast live show now!

This weekend is LA Podfest, during which various podcasters are recording their shows live in front of an audience—and a camera. Right now, the Podfest is streaming our favorite horror podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. Update: Video is up! » 10/05/13 4:02pm 10/05/13 4:02pm

Live From a Floating Research Station

Hang out with researchers halfway around the world during a special live stream from the beautiful Solomon Islands, where Museum researchers are exploring the mysterious organisms that light up the ocean's dark waters, uncharted microbial life, and the rich diversity of fishes, corals, and other animals. The live… » 9/25/13 9:36am 9/25/13 9:36am

Watch the world premiere of Chris Braak's play "Empress of the Moon"…

Tonight at 8 PM EST, we'll be hosting the livestream of io9 contributor Chris Braak's new play The Empress of the Moon. It's an alternate history about the life of writer and spy Aphra Behn, featuring lots of swordfights. » 8/13/10 12:30pm 8/13/10 12:30pm