Finally, Some Giant Lizard Invaders With A Sense Of Rhythm

Great news! One of the great authors of our time, Daniel Manus Pinkwater, will finally be translated to the big screen. Pinkwater sold the movie rights to his awesome novel, Lizard Music »10/24/08 6:42pm10/24/08 6:42pm, to Tiny Dancer Films, which produced the movie . In , a young boy is left alone for two weeks, and sees giant lizards playing music…

Super-Fast Evolution Means Capricans Would be Hideous, Not Hot.

Brace yourselves, Battlestar fans: in real life Starbuck would probably be ugly as sin. Think more like a Ferengi, less like a supermodel. So would anyone else from the 12 Colonies, most likely. That's the implication of a new study of evolution here on Earth, which shows that natural selection can work at break-neck… »4/24/08 12:30pm4/24/08 12:30pm