Man Claims Boat Collision Proves Existence Of Loch Ness Monster

A man who once rented boats on Loch Ness has come forward, claiming that "flesh and black skin an inch thick" was found clinging to one of his vessels after a tragic collision with an unknown object. Alas, there's no proof, since the incident happened nearly 40 years ago. » 1/27/15 12:20pm 1/27/15 12:20pm

The 10 Most Notorious Paranormal Hoaxes in History

Some might argue that everything that passes for "paranormal" is a hoax. (There's no fun in that, but insist if you must.) But even the biggest unexplained-phenomenon junkies have to admit when a fraud's a fraud ... as the 10 cases below will attest. » 12/26/14 9:25am 12/26/14 9:25am

What's the Loch Ness Monster been up to lately? Being mistaken for "fallen trees and branches from a woodland," apparently. Hang in there, Nessie. You've fooled 'em this long — don't give up the game yet! » 12/01/14 3:30pm 12/01/14 3:30pm

​That Time Lloyds of London Insured The Loch Ness Monster

In 1971, Cutty Sark offered an award of one million pounds ($2.4 million) to anyone who could capture the Loch Ness Monster. But, the whiskey manufacturer began to get cold feet, so it asked Lloyds of London to underwrite the contest. The insurance company agreed, with the condition that it would get to keep Nessie. » 9/02/14 10:30am 9/02/14 10:30am

A Map of the United States' Mythical Lake Monsters

While Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the Mothman might get most of the attention on land, there are plenty of cryptozoological myths surrounding the US's lakes, rivers, and swamps as well. Atlas Obscura has mapped out the Loch Ness-type monsters, webbed hominids, and giant killer sea creatures that, according to… » 11/30/13 9:00am 11/30/13 9:00am

When Godzilla fought the Loch Ness monster, everybody lost

Everybody remembers the abysmal 1998 American Godzilla film, but much fewer people remember the tie-in Godzilla cartoon — or that it was actually kinda good. Sure, it was goofy, and Godzilla looked like his CG movie counterpart, but at least it had monster fights. Still, even a giant monster fight couldn’t save the… » 4/05/13 12:31pm 4/05/13 12:31pm

Eric the Pliosaur, one of the most interesting fossils on the planet

Finding complete fossils of dinosaurs and amphibians is a difficult task, with museums and universities spending millions of dollars to reconstruct and acquire these ancient specimens. » 3/07/13 8:40am 3/07/13 8:40am

Monster hunter spent 26 years seeking the Loch Ness Monster. Here's his…

George Edwards has spent 60 hours a week for 26 years of his life, scanning the waters near Urquhart Castle in hopes of catching the Loch Ness Monster. But none of that time has been in vain — for he believes that this is his best photo of Nessie yet. » 8/08/12 1:34pm 8/08/12 1:34pm

Christian fundamentalist textbooks touting the Loch Ness Monster as…

For the 2012-2013 school year, thousands of Louisiana students will receive state-funded vouchers to attend private schools, many of which hold religious affiliations. » 6/25/12 10:15am 6/25/12 10:15am

Wisconsin seeks to deport Loch Ness Monster

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is none too pleased that Nessie has camped-out at the Chippewa River in Eau Claire. Much like its inspiration at Loch Ness, sculpture Nessie isn't supposed to be in the body of water it's occupying. Unlike Scotland's monster, no one has any trouble spotting sculpture… » 5/06/12 6:26pm 5/06/12 6:26pm

Does England's Lake Windermere house its own Loch Ness monster?

The Loch Ness monster might have celebrity status, but England has its own lake monster that's a real up-and-comer. Denizens of Bowness-on-Windermere in Cumbria's Lake District claim they've spotted the beast, whom they've dubbed "Bownessie." » 3/04/12 12:30pm 3/04/12 12:30pm

The very weirdest theories about the Loch Ness Monster

What is the Loch Ness Monster? No one knows, but that hasn't stopped legions of armchair cryptozoologists from formulating one theory after another on the subject of the world's most famous lake creature. » 6/30/11 8:00am 6/30/11 8:00am

Legendary cryptids that turned out to be absolutely real

When we think of cryptozoology, we usually think of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, creatures that are - let's face it - probably legendary. But some cryptids are real: just ask the platypus, okapi, and giant squid. » 6/23/11 1:57pm 6/23/11 1:57pm