The Severest Ethical Breaches of Superhero Journalists

Self-plagiarism? Please. When it comes to questionable journalistic ethics, Jonah Lehrer is small fry. Clark Kent. Peter Parker. Lois Lane. These are the real culprits — the "stand up" citizens and "superheros" who make a mockery of the journalistic profession with their flagrant disregard for objectivity,… » 7/09/12 1:18pm 7/09/12 1:18pm

Meet Lois Lane's new douchebag boyfriend, Jonathan Carroll

Remember those murmurs that Lois Lane and Clark Kent's marriage would be dissolved as part of DC Comics' big relaunch? Well, now it's official. In September's Superman #1, a mopey, tactless Clark Kent interrupts Lois and her new boyfriend — Daily Planet heartthrob Jonathan Caroll — mid-coitus. Take a hike, Smallville! » 7/21/11 11:41am 7/21/11 11:41am

Everything Old Is New Again On Smallville

Last night's Smallville » 9/26/08 3:17pm 9/26/08 3:17pm managed the impressive feat of simultaneously feel like an episode of the first few seasons of the show with their "meteor freak of the week" format while also demonstrating how far (some) characters have come in the last few years of the series. They also introduced the hunky new medic who's…