How A Group Of Brits Changed The World By Changing Science In The 1970s

There's a smell in Battersea, south-west London something to do with local coffee roasters. But in the early 1970s, the area was very different economically, and the stink wasn't nearly so pleasant. Described at the time as "like dead bodies," it was known as "The Battersea Smell." » 2/08/15 12:45pm 2/08/15 12:45pm

This is what London's skyline could look like in 20 years

With more than 200 towers of heights 20 stories or greater planned to be built in London over the next 20 years, the UK's capital city is in for some big visual changes. Architectural visualization firm Hayes Davidson places those planned towers over a current image of London to imagine the future shape of London's… » 2/04/14 9:40am 2/04/14 9:40am

How Corpses Helped Shape the London Underground

As Mexico City archaeologists sort through the surreal array of Aztec sacrificial skulls recently uncovered while excavating their city's subway system, it's worth remembering that parts of the London Underground were also tunneled, blasted, picked, and drilled through a labyrinth of plague pits and cemeteries. » 1/02/14 4:19pm 1/02/14 4:19pm