1920s London Underground Posters Remind Us That Trains Are Wonderful

Remember the Roaring Twenties, when the future looked like Metropolis and cities were going to become battalions of marching skyscrapers? In these colorful 1920s ads for the London Underground, trains never felt so much like the transport of tomorrow. » 2/06/14 3:00pm 2/06/14 3:00pm

Unearthing the lost advertising of the sealed-off London Underground

A sealed-off corridor of the Notting Hill Gate tube station reveals a hallway untouched since 1959 — complete with the posters that were hanging on the turn-of-the-century walls. » 6/16/10 2:00pm 6/16/10 2:00pm

A 2050 Tourist Map Of The Picadilly Line In London

What will London look like at mid-century? According to this futuristic London Underground map, it will be full of geothermal plants and algae factories that double as housing towers. Plus Tripods and giant mushrooms. We've got the full map below. » 1/21/10 7:30am 1/21/10 7:30am