Peter Pan Show Will Follow Lost Boys 15 Years After Leaving Neverland

What happened to Peter Pan's band of Lost Boys after they left Neverland and grew up? In the show League of Pan, currently in development, they grew apart—at least until someone starts murdering them one-by-one. » 10/29/14 1:20pm 10/29/14 1:20pm

10 Most Unnecessary Movie Sequels Of All Time

Sometimes, you see a movie that opens up a whole universe of possibilities, leaving you wondering where these characters will go next. So much adventure waiting to happen! And then... there are movies that really don't need a sequel, but get one anyway. Here are 10 film sequels that it's really hard to believe… » 4/10/14 10:34am 4/10/14 10:34am

30 Cult Movies That Absolutely Everybody Must See

A great cult movie is like a weird underground discovery, that feels so strange and wonderful, you suspect that you're the first person ever to appreciate it properly. But certain cult films have acquired fame and influence to rival any blockbuster, and have become part of our shared vocabulary. Here are 30 essential… » 3/07/14 11:48am 3/07/14 11:48am

First footage from Syfy's 4-hour Peter Pan prequel miniseries Neverland

From the mind of the miniseries master Nick Willing (who directed Syfy's Tin Man and Alice) comes a Peter Pan prequel, starring Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel and Bob Hoskins (who's reprising his role as Smee)! Watch the first footage! » 1/06/11 2:30pm 1/06/11 2:30pm

10 most obnoxious superpowered teenagers of all time

No Ordinary Family and Caprica are bringing back teenagers with superpowers and attitude. But the Powell kids and Zoe Graystone would have to work way harder to be among the ten most obnoxious super-teens of all time. Here's our list. » 10/04/10 5:16pm 10/04/10 5:16pm

Tantalizing Hints For Doctor Who Season Six, Supernatural Season Six…

Who's Doctor Who's time-traveler going to meet next year? How does Supernatural follow that slam-bang conclusion? What shocking choice could await us on Fringe? Plus John Carter Of Mars, Spider-Man, Splice, Jonah Hex, The Gates, Chuck, V and Lost spoilers. » 5/18/10 6:00am 5/18/10 6:00am

Lost Boy Corey Haim Dead At 38

Sad, sad news. Child star and vampire hunter Corey Haim has died from an apparent drug overdose last night in California. We'll never forget our favorite of "The Coreys," from his multiple Lost Boys moments to his Crank 2 cameo. » 3/10/10 1:30pm 3/10/10 1:30pm

Lost Boys 3 Still One Corey Short

Direct-to-DVD Lost Boys 3 has staked itself a writer, TV Scribe Evan Charnov. This means it may get made without both of the Cories. Corey Feldman has signed on as one of the flick's producers and will reprise the role of Edgar Frog. But according to Bloody Disgusting, Corey Haim's involvement is highly unlikely. I'm… » 3/18/09 1:08pm 3/18/09 1:08pm