​Hell of a Day: Secrets of SHIELD episode "The Things We Bury"

Wow. There was a lot of stuff packed into this one episode - wonder what that means for the rest of the season! This episode furthers the Inhuman speculation, teases fans with more Agent Carter, and introduces the Son of Hulk to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! (Kinda, sorta, not really.) » 11/19/14 7:00am 11/19/14 7:00am

Yup, The Trailer For Scorpion King 4 Is Just As Amazing As You'd Expect

The Scorpion King is back! And this time he's fighting skull-faced warriors and jumping off totally convincing-looking walls, and dueling with Lou Ferrigno. The Scorpion King 4 trailer features King Rutger Hauer, some great snarly dialogue, and some cage matches. » 10/20/14 11:20am 10/20/14 11:20am

Watch superhero power couple Lou Ferrigno and Ed Asner save the world!

It's like Grumpy Old Men in tights! Behold the first trailer for the short movie Liberator, starring Lou Ferrigno as a retired superhero with a dark past, and Ed Asner as the President of the United States, OBVIOUSLY. Plus watch a WWI soldier zombie ride a boat back home. » 2/19/12 3:30pm 2/19/12 3:30pm

Catfight on the catwalk: Last night's Chuck had it all!

It's a high-fashion beatdown, with Sarah and a supermodel spy trashing each other in the dressing room and on the catwalk. Just one of two all-time-great moments in last night's Chuck. The other being Morgan Grimes' management seminar. Spoilers ahead... » 9/28/10 8:30am 9/28/10 8:30am

Preventing A Moon-Earth Collision With His Bare Hands. Slaughtering…

The Earth and the Moon are about to collide, so it's a good thing Lou Ferrigno has been blown up to giant-size. If you thought Ferrigno's Hercules was batty, the sequel Adventures Of Hercules goes much, much further. » 1/07/10 5:30pm 1/07/10 5:30pm

Greatest Epic Of All Time: Robot Centaurs, Golden Bustiers And…

Could 1983's Hercules be the perfect movie? Consider the evidence: It stars Lou "Incredible Hulk" Ferrigno. He fights robot centaurs, travels to other planets by throwing a big rock tied to a chariot, and grapples with a bear. » 1/04/10 5:30pm 1/04/10 5:30pm

Nobody Want Hulk's Nose? (Sniff)

What kind of a world is this? Tobey Maguire's mask from Spider-Man » 7/31/08 1:40pm 7/31/08 1:40pm is valued at $55,000 in an auction of superhero props. Ben Affleck's entire costume from the wretched could pull in up to $70,000. But the prosthetic nose that Lou Ferrigno wore every week as the Hulk is valued at between $300 and $500. Are you…

Hulk For Congress! Io9 Talks To Lou Ferrigno

We're huge fans of Lou Ferrigno's original Hulk from the TV series. So when we saw Ferrigno running a booth at Wondercon, we had to ask him some searching questions. Here's what Lou had to say about his role in the new Hulk movie, the original show... and his forthcoming career in politics. » 2/23/08 12:37pm 2/23/08 12:37pm

Must See: The Incredible Hulk

Must-see TV shows are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

Title: The Incredible Hulk
Date: 1978-1982

Vitals: An experiment gone wrong gives David Banner the ability to transform into a… » 9/30/07 10:56pm 9/30/07 10:56pm